Precise Aircraft Parts offers a wide range of aftermarket commercial aircraft to passenger and cargo operators across the globe, and we are continually adding additional aircraft to our lease portfolio.

Our experienced aircraft trading team understands the fact that no two leases are the same and there’s no “unique” lease transaction for all. Each transaction needs flexibility and responsive service for developing a solution unique as per our client’s operational needs. Precise Aircraft Parts’ customers rely on the expert guidance, personalized service, and follow-through on each step of the lease transaction.

Our in-house refurbishment and configuration capabilities are enabled always for a quick response to our customer delivery requirements.

When it comes to the outright sale, operating or financial lease, Precise Aircraft Parts focuses on establishing long-term relationships with the clients as we provide comprehensive technical support.

Precise Aircraft Parts being an active lease manager provides the following services:

Full financial and technical lease management

Aircraft repossessions, lease returns and lease delivery management

Maintenance and storage oversight

Maintenance and modification sourcing and management

Pre-delivery and pre-purchase due diligence / technical inspections and records audits

Aircraft owners and investors can call on Precise Aircraft Parts for providing expert lease management services for their assets. This includes the entire lease process and all managed aircraft. We subject them to the same thorough procedures as it is our own fleet.

Throughout the lease, Precise Aircraft Parts takes care of all liaisons with the lessee, involving the collection of rentals and maintenance reserves. We ensure that all technical procedures are followed as per the required standards. As the end of the lease approaches, Precise Aircraft Parts is also capable of marketing the aircraft to new lessees and managing the subsequent transition.

Should an aircraft owner wish to sell any leased aircraft at any point, Precise Aircraft Parts is also able to offer this service with a commitment to realizing the best possible price in line with current market values.